Episode 171: Hive Queries with Nino Bice

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In this episode Mat Velloso and Elliott Miller are standing in for Chris Risner and Haishi Bai.  Mat and Elliott are joined by Nino Bice, a Product Manager on the HDInsight team.  In this show, episode 2 of our Big Data series, Nino walks through how you can use Hive queries with HDInsight.  Hive allows you to execute SQL-like queries which compile down into map-reduce jobs.  Nino begins by quickly going over how to generate a new cluster using the Azure portal.  He then shows the HDInsight Query Console.  Nino then proceeds to demonstrate how querying works and runs some live queries.  Nino ends the show by going over some of the Visual Studio tooling that Microsoft provides for working with HDInsight and Hive.

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    Hi guys, great job.
    I am a student about big data and I was doing some tests with HDInsigths I note that the cost per hour is a little high (at least for me).
    Given that, do you guys know a cheaper way to build big data samples using HDInsights?

    Thank you!

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