Episode 176: Logic Apps with Stephen Siciliano

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In this episode Chris Risner and Haishi Bai are joined by Stephen Siciliano, Program Manager on Azure App Service.  Stephen joins us to demonstrate Logic Apps.  Logic Apps are a part of the new Azure App Service which provides a common platform for building different types of applications.  Using Logic Apps, Stephen shows us how you can connect different APIs and API Apps together in logical flows.  In the first example, Stephane creates a recurring job which polls Twitter for tweets mentioning LogicApps and then takes that output and creates a file in DropBox.  After creating the Logic App, Stephen shows off the JSON that is created as he uses the designer to set things up.  To finish things up, Stephen demonstrates how you can kick off a Logic App which can then perform whatever logic you want, in this case sending a text message using the Twilio connector.

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