Episode 196: Migrating to Mobile Apps with Matthew Henderson

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In this episode Chris Risner and Haishi Bai are joined by Matthew Henderson, Program Manager on the Azure App Service team.  Matthew joins us to discuss how you can migrate and upgrade your Azure Mobile Services into Azure App Service Mobile Apps.  Mobile Apps provides a next generation version of the backend for your mobile apps and provides for greater functionality over Mobile Services.  In the video, Matthew walks through a current Mobile Service and it's connected application and performs a migration to Mobile Apps.  Next he goes through steps you would take to upgrade a .NET Mobile Service backend to a Mobile App.

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The Discussion

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    I would like to migrate my existing mobile services onto the Mobile Apps platform. However I'm having issues determining if SignalR(along with the associated service bus) will migrate properly. Also does the AppService SDK support a similar library to WindowsAzure.MobileServices.Backend.SignalR?


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    @arminhammar: The automated migration should work fine, but during a manual SDK upgrade you will need to note a few things (which I will add to the upgrade tutorial on azure.com). No, there is not a special SignalR library, but this is because we have tried to make the SDKs more open. The main things that the Mobile Services SignalR library did were group by device id, allow auth, allow dependency injection, set up a backplane (not really the SDK, actually), and support cross calls from web api to SignalR. Auth works now no matter what because of how the SDK has been restructured, so you can just use the [Authorize] attribute. The others are addressable in your code, and they no longer make specific assumptions around how you want things set up. Again, I'll try and get this all updated in the documentation.

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    Thanks for the detailed reply Matt! That's very helpful. I'll be attempting the migration soon, I'll report my findings in the forums.


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