Episode 201: Azure App Service Local Cache with Cory Fowler

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In this episode Chris Risner is joined by Cory Fowler, Program Manager on the Azure App Services team.  Cory joins us to talk about Azure App Service Local Cache.  Local Cache enables your Apps to copy their code to storage on the local VMs running their site.  Normally, Apps are run from a network based disk.  Changing to storage local to the VM greatly improve the performance of languages like PHP, Node.js, and any other platform that needs to frequently read the files running it.  Local Cache can be turned on by adding two application settings into your App Service's settings.  Cory walks through adding these settings and then how you can check to see that it has been turned on.  Finally, Cory walks through how you should use site slots to ensure your code changes are redeployed to the local cache.

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