Episode 216: Azure News Recap with Chris and Haishi October 2016

Play Episode 216: Azure News Recap with Chris and Haishi October 2016


In this episode Chris Risner and Haishi Bai do a review of recent news and announcements for Azure.  

They cover the following topics:

  • Azure App Service: App Service with Linux Support
  • Azure App Service: MySQL in-app Preview
  • Azure App Service: Logic Apps GA
  • Microservices: Service Fabric on Linux Preview
  • Microservices: Windows Server Containers on ACS Preview
  • Mobile: Azure Mobile Apps Node Server SDK v3
  • Mobile: HockeyApp Data in Application Insights
  • Mobile: Notification Hubs enables APNS Priority
  • Media: Face Redaction
  • Media: Motion Detection
  • Search: New Search Tiers GA
  • IaaS: N, F, L, H Series VMs
  • IaaS: Large Instances for SAP HANA
  • IaaS: Expiration Dates for VMs in Azure DevTest Labs
  • Tooling: Azure CLI 2.0 Preview
  • Pricing: Decreased VM costs
  • Expansion: Germany, UK, France
  • Data: JSON Support in Azure SQL Database GA
  • Data: Azure AD in SQL Database / Warehouse GA
  • Data: Azure Storage Node.js SDK GA
  • Security: Always Encrypted in Azure SQL Database GA
  • Security: Storage Service Encryption for Blog Storage GA
  • Security: Encryption at REST with Azure Site Recover GA
  • Security: Azure Active Directory B2C in North America GA
  • Compliance:  New White Papers
  • Compliance: PCI AoC
  • Compliance: Microsoft Cloud behind Privacy Shield

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