Episode 225: Deep Learning with Microsoft CognitiveToolkit (CNTK)

Play Episode 225: Deep Learning with Microsoft CognitiveToolkit (CNTK)


This show starts a series of short talks introducing Deep Learning with Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit (CNTK). Topics covered in this series will range from elementary to advanced techniques. The intended audience includes:

  • Data scientists who are new to deep learning
  • Machine learning scientists looking for advanced techniques
  • Engineers looking for means to scale and leverage cloud computing in Azure


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The Discussion

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    Awesome explanations of CNTK 101 capabilities !

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    Excellent explanation... Running python notebook in Microsoft Environment....Cant wait to do hands on this....

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    Not sure what the strategy is, by not having support for c#.
    The current Python brigade already has experienced professionals, who wouldn't want to learn a new framework,
    and the core .Net audience, is still left without a machine learning framework.
    Microsoft, you need to learn how to 'Microsoft'.

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