Episode 234: Cosmos DB with Kirill Gavrylyuk - Last Episode!

Play Episode 234: Cosmos DB with Kirill Gavrylyuk - Last Episode!


In this episode Chris Risner and Thiago Almeida are joined by Kirill Gavrylyuk, a Principal Engineer working on Cosmos DB. Cosmos DB is Microsoft's globally distributed, multi-model data service, and Kirill takes us through the key new concepts of the service and a very interesting demo. We also have a note at the end, as this is our last Cloud Cover show episode.

Links from the show:

  • [00:39] - Introduction to Azure Cosmos DB
  • [00:58] - Scenario - Moving a MEAN app using Mongo DB to Cosmos DB
  • [04:37] - Creating a CosmosDB account in the Azure Portal with different APIs
  • [06:52] - Moving the data from MongoDB to CosmosDB and updating the MEAN app
  • [09:52] - Using Data Explorer to work with the Mongo API of CosmosDB data
  • [11:55] - Replicating data globally
  • [16:00] - Five levels of consistency settings
  • [18:27] - Capacity and throughput configuration
  • [27:00] - Quick note - last Cloud Cover episode!! 
  • Welcome to Cosmos DB



The Discussion

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    Disappointed to see Cloud Cover go.  Like the deeper dives in Cloud Cover as opposed to Azure Friday.  Good run to all involved.

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    This was one show I constantly came back to over the years.  I liked that it went deeper into things.  I will miss it.  Thanks to the hosts and everyone that worked hard to produce this show.

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