Episode 53 - Scott Guthrie Discusses Windows Azure

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    looking good

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    I am so worried that azure is going to stifle innovation by Microsoft in the windows OS space. A network of PCs and servers should have more and more of a cloud like configuration and look and feel. Networks of PC should be able to connect to each other over the web with minimal setup effort. A windows PC should be able to connect to the network/cloud and, starting from a stub of an OS, load and access all the apps available from the cloud/network. SQL server databases should be easy to connect to in the network/cloud. There should be automatic replication of databases and file shares. I worry that Microsoft will not allow Windows to compete with Azure in its desire to maximize revenue from pay per use Azure.


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    Concerning what Scott said about configuration changes required to make various deployments between dev and test ... this is my task at the moment at work.  It's complicated by the integration of Lab Management into our environment.  Our current plan is to use a TFS build server with Lab Management to deploy out VMs each running an instance of the DevFabric.  I think that Lab Management could fit in nicely for Azure development.  The concept of a VM template and Role have a shared abstraction, especially for VM Roles.  Is there work going on at all to look at how Lab Management and Azure development, testing and deployment could integrate?

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    No messagebus without implementing IObservable! Or does it implement it?

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    @philjay: I hope they use IObservable also.  That will be the best!!

    Also I heard Scott mention AMQP

    Please talk more about that.  That is very interesting.

    Any chance on also supporting XMPP (AMQP I like much better, just curious here)


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    I had a play with Azure on my MSDN Azure 'free offer', but its way too complex and too slow to get basic services up through all the different Testing and Porduction stages to support a fast development cycle. Then I got a Hosting bill for $64 at the end of the month!

    S not going to play with Azure any more, and I will remain with my faster and free MySQL/PHP (NuSOAP) Hosting services. Faster and Cheaper to get up and running.

    I suggest Microsoft look into a lighter weight and Free/Cheaper Azure solution for Developers.

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    It was great to see Scott on the show. I , like many others, am genuinely excited by his move to the Azure Dev group. The giant exercise that Scott mentioned with the Azure leads sounded very interesting.

    I wish his team would also focus on making VM role simpler - authoring, setup, and configuration. Today I cannot setup a cluster of VM roles together (for instance all domain joined to a common domain)  on Windows Azure. IMHO, VM Role is hugely important as customers try to port their existing apps to the cloud. Vm Role as it stands today (tooling, capabilities) is limiting.

    Wade / Steve, I wish you had briefed Scott before the show and told him that service bus has been covered on this show extensively in the past. The console service bus app and Scott's commentary on how one can connect the cloud with on-premise machines was old news - Sadly this was a demo from PDC 09.

    I wish you had used this time to ask a Corporate Vice President (Scott), how Windows Azure is being accepted in the market. What are customers doing with it?  How is the BizTalk team under him looking at the ServiceBus.  When will we get Windows Server AppFabric features such as workflow hosting and tracking within Azure AppFabric etc?   Well..next time.

    Anyways, thanks for the show. It is a great tool for keeping current with the happenings on the Windows Azure Platform.

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    Good ep, and nice to see Scott there! Wade's comment about how Scott has already influenced the atmosphere sounds good, and here's to hoping you guys have the best environment over there -  many developers out here are depending on your efforts .)

    Anyhoo, 'twas awesome seeing Wade / Steve bobbing their heads syncro'ed to Scott's message, and at some point Scott is swiveling his head trying to find someone static to look at. Had a snort-ish.

    Excellent, ep54 has aired too. Rock on!


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