Episode 72 - New Tools for Windows Identity Foundation and ACS

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Join Wade and David each week as they cover Windows Azure. You can follow and interact with the show at @CloudCoverShow.

In this episode, Wade is joined by Vittorio BertocciPrincipal Program Manager at Microsoft and affectionately known to all of us as Admiral Identity—who shows us the new Identity and Access Tool for Visual Studio 11 Beta that, amongst other things, is closely integrated into the Access Control Service. You can get all the details at  Windows Identity Foundation in the .NET Framework 4.5 Beta: Tools, Samples, Claims Everywhere and grab the bits here.

In the news:



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The Discussion

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    Do you have any Silverlight (WIF & ACS)examples using this approach in connect/disconnected mode?

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    What up with not covering the azure outage???
    I've been waiting for you guys to go through that. Not even mentioning it seems cowardly and like you're trying to keep it quiet. C'mon! You're better than this!

    Also: What happened to fullscreen video? Can't find out how to do it now that the silverlight player is gone.


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    In case you missed it, there was a very detailed post covering the outage. Not cowardly at all!

    I am still seeing fullscreen video (via high quality MP4 download).


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    @hansol:Hi Hansol. Bill Laing addressed the outage so well in this post that I didn't feel there was anything else to say. As for fullscreen I'm not sure - I can check with the Channel 9 team. Best regards!

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    @hansol Fullscreen video is available, if you click on format and choose the sl player(smooth streaming).

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    @codingoutloud: Hi, I'm merely stating that not even mentioning it in CouldCover is a bit cowardly. Isn't the show called "cloud cover" and not "cloud coverup"? (Cheap point, I know).

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    @WadeWegner: Hi, thanks a lot for the post - it describes the situation in details, just as I wanted to know. But simply saying that the article was so brilliant there's nothing more to say isn't an actual argument for not covering the news. It's rather a good argument for presenting the article, no?

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    @philjay: Thanks a lot! I'll quit my whining now Smiley

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    Arsalan Ahmed

    To watch the video in full screen mode, hover over the top right of the video and click the icon.

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    this video doesn't seem to be available. can't download it, can't watch it online.

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