Episode 75 - Building Windows 8 Metro Apps using Windows Azure Service Bus


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In this episode, we are joined by Abhishek Lal — Senior Program Manager for Windows Azure Service Bus — who shows us some enhancements to the Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows 8. Abhishek discusses how developers can use service bus to handle a variety of messaging patterns and how those patterns can be used to build great Windows 8 Metro Apps.

In the News:

In the Tip of the Week, Nathan discusses a blog post by Windows Azure MVP Magnus Mårtensson that shows us how to run .Net 4.5 Beta on Windows Azure.


Finally, since we are new at this we have a few corrections: 

Nick's twitter handle is listed as @cloudnet at the end of the show. Due to Nick's thick Australian accent, it sounds like that is what he said. In fact, Nick's twitter handle is @cloudnick.

Second, we need to clarify one statement about billing for Service Bus messaging. For peaklock messages, we will bill for a message even if you lock and then abandon/crash. In the episode we stated this as not being charged.



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