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Join Nate and Nick each week as they cover Windows Azure. You can follow and interact with the show at @CloudCoverShow.

In this episode, we are joined by Alex Zambelli — Senior Technical Evangelist — and Samuel Ng  Senior Development Lead — who discuss Windows Azure Media Services. Alex and Samuel go into detail about the features and services that are coming very soon in the preview for Windows Azure Media Services. We also discuss a variety of scenarios that this service will support as well as several real-world examples.

 In the News:

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Build the next great app at AngelHack – learn more on the Windows Azure blog.  Prizes include $25,000 in seed capital and free Windows Azure for 12 months.


In the Tip of the Week, we discuss a blog post by Ranjith Ramakrishnan of Opstera. Ranjith give five tips to optimize your application and deployments to reduce your Windows Azure bill.



The Discussion

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    Is this the first show that has no code or no demo of the topic on the title ?

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    @Ameer: Media Services is a large topic and we plan on covering it more in depth in future episodes after it is launched publicly. For this show we wanted to give a high-level of Media Services.

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    Nate, Nick: The blog post link doesn't actually link to the blog you had in the show, and I don't see it at their website. Was it removed for some reason?


    ps ... cloudCover += jokes. You guys are doing a great job.

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    @smarx: Awesome ... thanks Steve.


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    Code Samples:
    Democratizing Video Content with Windows Azure Media Services

    Sign up info
    Media Services Preview Account Setup

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    Jose Brazeta

    Hi there,

    I would like to know if there is any news about the media services live streaming! I am trying to find some guidance on how to create a solution to broadcast video to the web!
    In this episode was told that the live streaming capabilities will came later in this year and I would like to know if there is any novelty about this!


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