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Episode 86 - Windows Azure Active Directory with Vittorio Bertocci

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Join Nate and Nick each week as they cover Windows Azure. You can follow and interact with the show at @CloudCoverShow.

In this episode Nick and Nate are joined by Vittorio Bertocci who tells us all about Windows Azure Active Directory, demonstrates the Graph API and the new Windows Azure Authentication Library.

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    The Discussion

    • Jose

      Nice video guys, I really would want to see a more technical video that shows step by step how to call the graph API using C#, hope you guys can do that :)

      Keep up the good work.

    • Vittorio

      HI Jose,

      thank you for your interest in Windows Azure AD! Great suggestion, we'll definitely look into it. In the meanwhile: if you want to see an example of C# code accessing the Graph API, I suggest checking out the people picker's sample on code gallery.



    • jlcard

      Thanks for the sample link Vittorio, I am aware of the sample code but haven't taken a look at it yet, you guys should make more videos about Azure AD, I like the tool that you used to test the rest API.

      Pretty cool stuff. 

    • BMS

      Great to see AAD stuff here Smiley

    • RHAD1969


      Can you comment on the release date of the Windows Phone compatible assembly?

      It would be really helpful.


    • anonymous

      "Vittorio Bertocci" You confused me a lot. your face look same as my cousin.

      More confused when Hair style match with them.

    • RobPotter

      Great video Vittorio - thanks. I've just got a couple of questions:

      * Any idea when SAML-P support might be available in WAAD? Also, the WIF extension for SAML 2.0 is still in CTP, so will that be released at the same time?

      * If there is any other user provisioning mechanism than PowerShell? I can see that the CmdLets just call a SOAP web service, so will that API be available?

      Thanks again for the video.


    • RobPotter

      oh, and finally - are there any plans to allow federation from the Windows Azure Management Portal? One of the problems that my organisation has is managing LiveIds for employees - syncing our corporate AD to WAAD, and federating from there would be far more preferable!



    • sheikh sadi


      Can you comment on the release date of the Windows Phone compatible assembly?

      It would be really helpful.

      sheikh sadi

    • Vittorio

      Hi guys,

      sorry for the delay: I was OOF Smiley

      @ jlcard do let us know if you have feedback on the code! Glad you like WIndows Azure AD, we'll definitely talk more about it

      @ BMS thanks! Stay tuned for more Wink

      @ RHAD1969 & sheik sadi - no ETA yet, sorry. Question for you: would you use that for augmenting existing applications or for creating new ones? Thanks!

      @ RobPotter - thanks for the kind words Smiley for your questions:

      • No news on the SAML-P yet
      • Right now the provisioning mechanisms are for O365 cmdlets and the O365 portal, moving forward there will be more ways of managing assets: for example, the Graph API will acquire write capabilities.
      • As more services get on board with Windows Azure AD, you'll be able to take advantage of its features (such as federation) in more and more places Wink

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