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Episode 89 - Windows Azure Mobile Services

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In this episode Nick and Nate are joined by Josh Twist Senior Program Manager – who introduces Windows Azure Mobile Services. Josh demonstrates how easy it is to build Windows 8 apps with Mobile Services. Finally, Josh shows us his sample application DoTo that utilizes Mobile Services.

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    The Discussion

    • Niggavandan

      Its i-os not eyeos

    • Jason

      No, it's iOS not i-os.

    • Randhir

      This is very exciting for people to get going quickly. Congratulations on putting this out!

      Couple of questions:
      1. The script that you write, does that get added to the service middle tier code or some sort of validation function in SQL Azure?

      2. Why was the choice of giving script as JS only? Why not C#?

      3. Where does the script execute, in-process to the service code? How does that get invoked?

      4. Do each service run as a separate process (app pool)? If not, what's the isolation modal for services running inside the same process?


    • joshtwist

      Thanks Randhir,

      1. It runs in the 'middle-tier' which we call the mobile service, not SQL azure. You can find out more about how we built Mobile Services and it's architecture on the next Web Camps TV (

      2. JavaScript is an ideal choice for short, simple asynchronous scripts. It's also one of the most universal languages which is attractive as we broaden our platform support to include iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. Of course, we haven't ruled out supporting C# on the server but right now most folk seem to enjoy the JS model.

      3. The script executes in-process in the middle tier. It gets invoked, erm, directly! No inter-process-communication necessary to execute a script, only to get to the DB.

      4. Yes, your Mobile Service runtime is isolated from other service runtimes. I'll talk more about this in the next edition of Web Camps TV too. To cut a long story short, we run on the same infrastructure offered by Azure Web Sites.

      Hope that helps.



    • joshtwist

      @Jason: he says tomato...

    • Grahame Horner

      a very nice set of demos, I'm wondering can an mvc web application make use of mobile services in terms of receiving toast notifications? via web sockets or web client long polling.

    • joshtwist

      Hi Grahame,

      Windows Notification Services can only communicate with Windows 8 devices (via WinRT). Do you want to send a notification to the user of MVC web app (in his browser) or to your backend - i.e. the MVC application itself?



    • test


    • joshtwist

      @test: it works Smiley

    • LukePuplett

      Well presented Josh. Are there any limits on calls per day/hour, considering we're talking about a HTTP Web API + key scenario which could be abused? Normally, public API owners have to worry about such things.

      Also, are there Azure-side tempates or demos available? So, in VS we can unzip a demo and open the solution and get going, but in Azure, there's no such quick start - or is there?

      Cheers, dude.

    • Fred

      What was the program that displayed a green graph (at 34:10) when extracting the file?

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