Episode 90 - Windows Azure Web Sites Update

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    Good episode.  I went and configured my Azure website to use a custom domain in Shared Mode and had it working in minutes.  Awesome!

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    Really exciting stuff! I'm especially interested in the updates on Azure SQL Databases. Does the new Linked server stuff mean that you can have cross-database queries inside Azure as well, or only from on-premise SQL Server?

    In real-world cross-database queries are used without a second thought, and porting over to azure is hard when this is not enabled..

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    Hi hansol,

    Currently you can only perform the linked server operation on your on prem db to link to an Azure SQL Database as demonstrated in the video.

    If you really need the scenario you described the approach would be to use a SQL VMs in Azure

    kind regards,


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    Thanks for the quick reply, Nick! Smiley
    Cross-database is almost always a bad design anyway (schemas anyone?). SQL VMs is cool but they don't provide real high-availability out-of-the-box the way Azure SQL Databases do, you know.

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    Still wish we could go back (officially) to calling it "SQL Azure" ... "Azure SQL Database" is too long ... to clunky ... sounds dumb. You can't say "SQL Database" all by itself, because that doesn't tell you anything. I still think you should have a chat with marketing about changing it back. "SQL Azure" and "SQL Server" ... quick, easy, right to the point, no minunderstandings. I'm going to be a rebel and keep calling it "SQL Azure."

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