Episode 94 - Opscode demonstrate Chef an integration framework for Cloud Automation

Play Episode 94 - Opscode demonstrate Chef an integration framework for Cloud Automation


In this episode Nick and Nate are joined by George Moberly, VP of Product Management, and Bryan Hale, Director of Business Development, at Opscode who discuss and provide an in depth demo of Chef -  an open-source systems integration framework built specifically for automating the cloud. No matter how complex the realities of your business, Chef makes it easy to deploy servers and scale applications throughout your entire infrastructure. Because it combines the fundamental elements of configuration management and service oriented architectures with the full power of Ruby, Chef makes it easy to create an elegant, fully automated infrastructure.

For more details checkout Chef over at Opscode

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The Discussion

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    Chris Brooksbank

    Impressed that Microsoft allowed Macs on the video. Ive been a C sharp and SQL guy since the initial release of dotnet 1. Now I exclusively use the Microsoft stack at work.

    At home I recently brought a Macbook Air and am doing a homeproject using a Node.js express framework RESTful server connected to a MongoDB database and deployed on the heroku cloud. Im loving the new way of development but I really hope Microsoft keep me excited about Windows development as well.

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    @Chris Brooksbank: You should check out Windows Azure Web Sites for Node.js hosting. We have a great story there and you get 10 sites for free. Watch this episode of Cloud Cover where Johhny Halife from Mural.ly talks about why they chose Windows Azure over other hosting services for their large Node app.

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