Episode 99 - Windows Azure Media Services General Availibility

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In this episode Nick Harris and Nate Totten are joined by Mingfei Yan Program Manager II on Windows Azure Media Services.  With Windows Azure Media Services reaching General Availability Mingfei joined us to demonstrate how you can use it to build great, extremely scalable, end-to-end media solutions for streaming on-demand video to consumers on any device and in this particular demo shows off the portal, encoding and both a Windows Store app  and iOS device consuming encoded content.

For more information visit the Windows Azure Media Services page to learn more about the capabilities, and visit the Windows Azure Media Service Dev Center for tutorials, how-to articles, blogs, and more information and get started building applications with it today!

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The Discussion

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    Very interesting but what about live streaming an event?

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    @ZippyV: Hi, live streaming is currently available for TAP customers as a beta program. We are working on releasing it later.

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    Nice work guys. Good demos Mingfei Yan.

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    Feeling like episode 100 is coming up anytime soon now. Big Smile

    Thank you guys for bringing us such a great and informative show.

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    I installed the Windows Azure Media Services and Windows Azure Media Storage Nuget in in VS Ultimate 2012and am trying to get to the part  where I find "ac_key" like Mingfei shows but my intellisys does not give me an "ac_key" option - actually I don't show anything that starts with "c_" in intellisis...could anyone tell me what am I missing ? Perhaps another Nuget package ?

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    @setbon, those where code snippets that Mingfeiy had prepared up front. They are not standard and you will not see them in your environment. Check out the related blogposts, or the code samples on the Azure portal.

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