Build a chat app with SignalR Core - Mikael Mengistu

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In this video Mikael Mengistu  shows us how to build a simple chat app with SignalR Core.



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The Discussion

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    The video covers SignalR Core although that may not be perfectly clear. Is the existing SignalR for ASP.Net (that works with WPF clients) still supported?

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    very helpful. would've preferred the original code, but just bout managed to copy it.



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    Why there is no SignalR client for Android or IOS, there are some libraries but none of them is really official and they are all so buggy, so i was wondering if you guys somehow create a library for using SignalR and its features in other platforms other than only browsers and javascript or just C#.

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    Need a link to the original video. Your code is already fleshed and scaffolded. It would be nice to know how you did it. I'm trying to get a simple chat client started but every example that is complete is for VS 2012... I need it for the most current version VS2017.

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