Getting Started with .NET Standard 2.0 Part 2 - with Immo Landwerth

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In this video Immo gives a quick introduction to .NET Standard 2.0. To learn more about this please check out:


C#, .NET Standard



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The Discussion

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    Danilo Ramirez

    At the end you talk about .NET Core 2.0

    I'm getting a bit confused. Is this a new version of .NET Core? Or is this the same .NET Standard the video is about?

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    Both are new and I think it's because .NET Core 2.0 "implements" .NET Standard 2.0 that makes it work.

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    Audio volume is too low on this one also.

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    I created a new .Net Standard class library using VS 15.3 and .Net Framework 4.6.1 and it defaulted to targeting netstandard 1.6. .NET Standard 2.0 doesn't show as an option for the Target Framework. Why?


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    @craigfisher:apparently I have to install the .NET Core 2.0 SDK to be able to target .NET Standard 2.0. Why isn't FW 4.6.1 sufficient?

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