Introduction to .NET Docker Images with Kendra Havens

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Kendra Havens gives us an inside look at the  .NET  Docker images. To get started on .NET on Docker check out the following links


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The Discussion

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    The sound fx at the end are way louder than the rest of the video. Headphone users beware.

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    @KelsonBall: thanks for the warning!

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    Kendra, what's the third icon at the right side of your taskbar, the round one that looks like a moon? Does that make the colour tint? I'd like to know before I make my own copy of it…

    And yes, the bell is too loud but I only looked at the comments after finishing the video.

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    @ygoe:Oh hey, Sorry I didn't see this comment earlier. Yes, that is f.lux which I love. It does tint your screen depending on the time/region you set by taking out the blue light. It also has a bunch of cool dark modes. (But I also totally regret not turning it off for the recording!)

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    @kendrahavens: Thanks! Looks like the type of intelligence I was about to add to my basic prototype. :)

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