Sebastien Ros on jint: a Javascript Interpreter for .NET

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Sebastien Ros show how to use Jint. Jint is a Javascript interpreter for .NET which provides full ECMA 5.1 compliance and can run on any .NET platform. Because it doesn't generate any .NET bytecode nor use the DLR it runs relatively small scripts faster. It's available as a PCL on Nuget at

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The Discussion

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    Jint is amazing. I used it on a big application four years ago where I wanted to code independently the various parts & modules of the app in c# while assembling the app itself in a script environment.

    Can't wait to get back on the project soon and upgrade to the latest Jint.

    Thank you very much Sebastian for this project and your dedication to it.

    I was very happy to see you joining Microsoft and continue working on this gem.


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