Media Business Intelligence - Decentrix and BIAnalytix - Part 2

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In this episode, host Kirk Evans talks with Dr. Michael Ludwich, VP of Consulting at Decentrix, where Dr. Ludwich provides a demonstration of the BIAnalytix solution.  This quite an interesting demonstration, helping to show the value of BI in a media organization.

In Part 1 of this interview, we talked with Wayne Ruting, CEO of Decentrix, about the importance of business intelligence in a Media & Entertainment company.  Decentrix has quite a client roster, including some of the largest broadcasters, cable operators, and telcos in the US.  We talk about why BI matters, how BI is not simply providing reports in a transactional application, and we learn more about Decentrix and their BIAnalytix offering. 
In part 2 of this interview, we will see a demo of BIAnalytix.



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