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Hey Cortana! We're back with another show around more natural interactions and more personal computing using device and cloud technology and this time we're looking at Cortana.

In this show we add Cortana into a home automation scenario where we're controlling lighting using Windows on PC and Raspberry PI.

We look at how we can use Cortana in 'foreground' mode where the application's UI comes onto the screen and also how we can have a conversation with an app through Cortana when working in a background mode.

Here's a breakdown of the show;

Show Notes;



The Discussion

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    Thank You for this Cortana code,  All code examples are great. keep it up

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    @s3curityConsult:Thanks for the feedback - our aim from the start was to make sure that we showed a lot of code and that we shared all of that code even though it's sample rather than "production" and we've stuck with that aim so it's good to hear that it's what you want.

    Keep watching and keep giving us feedback :)


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    Best episode yet.

    I'm currently looking at doing some home lighting automation. Cortana integration won't be part of the initial build, but it might be nice to add it on later.

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    Good video guys, gave a lot of insight into the workings of Cortana.

    I particularly enjoyed the section where you asked people what they thought of Cortana, and how they used it. The section felt very 'raw' which I liked, though the section didn't lead to anything which was disappointing. Perhaps it could have lead to a 'future ideas' or a link to a different video on why enabling access to data is important and how Cortana interacts with that? Just throwing out ideas.

    Anyway, good video, enjoyed it.


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    @lookemn:thanks for the feedback Matthew - we'll take on board that comment around the section which "didn't lead to anything" and have a bit of a think around what we might do there. There's a challenge for people like myself and Andrew to talk "future plans" as we don't work on product teams and usually do not have much visibility of what might come in the future but let us think on it and we'll see what we can come up with.

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    @mtaulty: Understandable Mike, must be difficult wanting to make speculation without making it sound official or be held accountable for it. Will keep watching to see what you decide to do in future episodes :) 

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    can I use dvd on there

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