A look into the ComponentOne Studio for Silverlight

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During MIX09 I had the opportunity to sit down with the guys from ComponentOne and take a look at the controls available in their new Studio for Silverlight 2009 release. Along with a full-featured datagrid and richtextbox, they demoed a BitMap API and Effects running in Silverlight 2, which we had just announced for Silverlight 3.  The other feature that really stood out for me was the fact that they were supporting the same themes as the Silverlight Toolkit.  Even if you're using controls from different assemblies, you still want them to look cohesive and this is what theme support can provide.



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The Discussion

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    I like the look of these toolkits but they are a bit pricey. 
    How about someone doing a comparrison review of commercial vs non commercial? (EG Whats in Codeplex at the moment)

    Just found Tim Heure's list of Silverlight controls - thanks:


    BTW Thanks for doing this - you are a legend.
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    Not watched this but I hope these controls are faster than their WPF controls that function at tortoise speed. C1's  WPF controls are slow.

    I also think that Silverlight 3 is going to ship with a pretty complete toolkit, so 3rd parties are going to have to try much harder than they are doing at the moment.

    For the price at present, they are offering very little. The Xceed datagrid offers you something really special, but C1, Dev Express etc are spreading their resouces between Winforms, ASP.NET and Silverlight too much and lacking the wow factor. I think the component vendors that are doing solely Silverlight or WPF are the ones that are going to succeed for the time being, until these companies restructure, and focus on specific technogies and add more investment.
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    Chris Lucian


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