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Eric Schmidt drops by to tell stories about the NBCOlympics.com site launch and answer a few questions from the viewers.

  • Why is it US Only?
  • Where is the FullScreen mode?
  • How does the streaming work?
  • Why choose to run on a beta?
  • Will we see the same coverage in upcoming Olympics?



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The Discussion

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    First of all, I love the NBCOlympics.com site as a great supplement to TV coverage.   And it is working very well!

    An observation about the Silverlight plugin...anything that requires the user to "install a viewer" is bad these days, because that's exactly the terminology the bad guys use to convince unknowledgable users to run their "Paris Hilton Viewer", or whatever.  Now that some millions of users have a beta version of Silverlight installed, how about maintaining the plugin(s) over Windows Update?  This would be better than running into sites where "you need to install a newer version of Silverlight to view this content" and training them to click on every banner requesting a newer version of Silverlight.     The next thing we'll see is malware spewing spam sites requiring an "upgraded Silverlight" plugin to view the "Breaking MSNBC news".

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    cool Smiley
    it would be interested to hear about the problems they had (there are always problems with everything) Smiley
    also, they must have had alot of feed back about silverlight, it would be interested to hear some of that feedback and if there will be any changes to sl based on that feedback Smiley

    btw, what happend to the apple question? Smiley what was it?
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    Al -

    We are going to do a post-mortem of sorts at the PDC and will definitely air some of the problems & challenges.  We will post that content as well on C9.

    As for the Apple question, I am not sure - you'd have to ask Adam.  He seemed to be drawing all kinds of pictures Smiley


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    "Are you getting an apple a day?"

    It was too dumb to make the cut, but the topic was covered whether he was eating well or getting any sleep.  With the size of the project, working with many teams around the world and so many events going on, its easy to get out of whack.  Anyways, even though it wasn't used I still thought it should make it into the photo.

    Glad you like the video Al, I'm looking forward to the "What we learned" information myself Smiley

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    Honestly I like MSNBC on-demand TV much better than NBCOlympics.

    MSNBC, I think is also using Silverlight and watching videos there is a much enjoyable experience, compare to Yahoo TV Sad

    I thought NBC Olympics would be somewhat in the same "user richn" category as MSNBC.
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    I cannot watch it in on my Windows Server 2008 64. Sad 

    I'm pretty sure it's unique to 2008 since I had no problem under Server 2003 R2 64.

    Any suggestion?
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    It will work if the browser is running in 32-bit mode, there is no 64-bit version of Silverlight right now.
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    Not really. It did work fine on my Win Server 2003 64-bit before upgrade.
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    Someone posted detailed steps how to tweak it at "SilverLight.net" forum. Nothing major, just some security settings unique to Vista/2008. I guess I'm still new to it.

    NBCOlympics.com, here I come.
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    Cool, I'm glad you figured it out.  Just watched the closing ceremony myself, what a fancy bus Smiley

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