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PhotoSuru is a new photo viewing sample from the WPF team. The sample provides a unique way to browse a collection of photos, taking advantage of WPF features such as Pixel Shaders, Adaptive Layout and Custom Themes.  The application is based on the recently released SCE Starter Kit which is available for download including the full source code.  In this video, Nicholas Armstrong provides a short demonstration on how the application works.



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The Discussion

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    I had the chance to see PhotoSuru a while back while working at Microsoft and it looks like a really nice application. It's a great starter kit to get into WPF programming and layouting Smiley
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    I download the PhotoSuru full source code. Hitting F5 in VS2008SP1 causes inmediatly a BSOD (reproducable). Are there more people out there having this issue ? It's weird because my 6 months old PC never had a BSOD before. I'm running Vista x64 Ultimate (English) with 8 GB of RAM, Experience Index of 5.6 and the nVidia 8800 GT video adapter.

    (by the way, the downloadable branded version works well)
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    Dennis Cheng MS

    Can you isolate the problem by disabling WPF hardware acceleration by setting the DisableHWAcceleration registry key? 

    If that fixes the BSOD then it has something to do with the display adaptor. Double check that you are using most recent WHQL-certified nVidia display drivers. Let us know!

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    Wow, that's a really heavy duty sample app. I would still use my own PhotoGallery, but the damn, the photos load so fast on that one.
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    Hi Dennis,

    I was running version (Sept 17 '08) of the nVidia WHQL driver and upgraded this now to (Jan 8 '09, also known as 181.20). Same issue, although it looks like that I can run the application a few seconds more. (note: I do see the app, the BSOD occurs a few seconds after).

    Unfortunatly I cannot find the DisableHWAcceleration registry key, not manually and not by search.
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    I added the DisableHWAcceleration key in the registry but still a BSOD.
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    This links to a version that installs on Windows 7 Beta 1  

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    I downloaded the High quality WMV, and although the talking heads sections are smooth, the WPF screenshot bits seem to be about 1fps.

    Kinda defeats the purpose of a video demo-ing an app which presumably has lots of slick animations.


    Is the video just running like this on my PC? I tried the smaller size video too...

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