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Nikola Mihaylov came by the studio to explain what a WPF Pixel Shader really is and the code involved and making one.  He has a great post on his blog explaining how to get started with Pixel Shaders along with a custom VS project template to make it even easier.

In his demonstration Nikola shows off his own effects along with Anders Bursjöö’s Grayscale Effect and Rakesh Ravuri's Wave Reflection Effect.



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The Discussion

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    Amazing! Finally we can build cool sci-fi looking gUIs like the stuff some games have, for example Eve-Online. JUST AMAZING. This blew my mind.

    Question : With all these cool stuff, why not mix up XNA and WPF ? I mean why do I need to use XNA to make a game? It seems that I could make games using WPF as well? I'm not too much into XNA though but it probably has more specialized stuff.

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    Yea this is very cool, the intergration straight into the designer, and how easy wpf can bind properties into the shader.

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    XNA is not compatible with WPF just yet.  Via reflection you can make it work, but with Vista requiring a 9Ex device for performance, you have a hard time getting 100% out of your hardware.  I have documented it on my blog.

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    Ian E-T

    XNA integration is high on our list of things to add to WPF so we're looking in to this for future versions. Stay tuned (to GregSc's blog) for the details as they become available.
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    Hi! Just following up on this, any news regarding XNA+WPF?

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