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Project Rosetta is a site dedicated to helping designers and developers build applications in Silverlight while taking advantage of skills they already know.  In this interview, I caught up with Rick Barraza, the author of the first article entitled From Flash to Silverlight, to talk about the article, the world of the Interactive Media Design and reckless creativity.



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The Discussion

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    Keep meaning to comment on this, I think its a great idea and I love the initial article and how the tutorials were written in it (lots of samples and code grabs).. should be exactly what flash devs want, and knowing your options in tools is certainly the most important factor.. even if silverlight is the best! Wink

    Will certainly subscribe if only the rss feed was for the articles and not just the twitter!
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    Thanks stevo_, we'll be posting article updates on the twitter feed, so feel free to subscribe.  Smiley

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