Shazzam - A Tool for Creating WPF Pixel Shader Effects

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Walt Ritscher walks us through building a custom WPF Pixel Shader Effect using Shazzam, his latest creation.  Along the lines of other useful tools mentioned, Kaxaml and LINQPad, Shazzam is free to download and use.  Props to Walt for generating both C# and VB code for your Shader Effect.



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The Discussion

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    That's a really awesome tool! Smiley Something like this might be even useful for game development ... like when doing prototypes of shaders.
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    It's a good while since I last tried them but ATI(AMD) and NVIDIA both have free shader prototyping tools. Last I checked they did not generate code like this one though that would allow more of a copy/paste deployment into your project. Then again, professional native game developers with game engine at hand likely managed fine without.

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