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Supercomputers and robots with frickin' lasers! Laurence Moroney tells the tale of the creation of the NASA Photosynths of the International Space Station and the Mars Science Laboratory. And the best part is, even though you may not have supercomputers laying around the house, you can build your own Photosynth at



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The Discussion

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    It's Johnny Five!

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    Exactly Smiley

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    Wait a second, there's only one CRAY CX1 supercomputer in this spaceous room cruching the synths on 6 Xeon 5472s and 32GB of RAM (or less)?

    Is the synthing software using CUDA (with the quadro FX hardware that might be in there) or simple CPU (with or without SSE4.1 optimizations)?

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    Smiley -- Sorry I probably wasn't clear in my enthusiasm.

    You don't _need_ a Cray to be able to synth these. In my case I had thousands of pictures, and some software that the PS team gave me to try synthing offline. It was faster for me to iterate through my pictures down to a set that 'worked' by using the cray to synth them.

    Once I had the 'good' set of images, I then used the 'standard' way of doing it -- uploading to and having it build the rover synth.



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