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    im so relived the text stuff isnt final in b1 :O the text does seem to look a little better but its still not as good as say, vs2008 in its current state :/ great news about beta2 indeed Smiley

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    What about the integration of XNA and WPF that was briefly demoed at PDC08?

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    Jaime Rodriguez

    The XNA work is not going to make it into WPF4 (not in beta1, and not by RTM).

    Cheers, Jaime

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    Argh. I finally get Beta 1, and right away I have to get impatient for Beta 2.

    Will the Beta 2 WPF be able to bind to dynamic types?

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    That's a bummer. Still, thanks for letting us know.

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    What about raster fonts (bitmap fonts)? My preferred programming font, Dina, is a raster font. I didn't hear any good news on this - and this is pretty much a showstopper for me, unless there is some hack out there to convert a raster font into a TTF font that uses the bitmaps as hints at low sizes (my default programming font size is Dina 8pt).

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    What about with the WPF tearing and video syncronization under Windows XP?

    thx 4 adv

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    Has there been any decision yet on whether .Net 4 will include a WPF version of DeepZoom (i.e. MultiScaleImage, etc).

    We've got an application that requires this functionality (with a custom tile source), and we're currently putting off implementing it ourselves until there's a decision, but all I keep hearing is "Maybe".



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    Jaime Rodriguez

    Unfortunately the tearing on XP has not changed.   That is more of an OS problem that we can't easily fix on .NET.
    The tearing does not happen on Vista or Win7.  I realize that does not help every one, just wanted to explain the problem is in lack of XP double buffering.  More details and best work aound are here:

    Sorry if the answer is not what you wanted to hear.

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    In case anyone else wants to know, Jaime Rodriguez mentions that DeepZoom didn't make it here. Sad


    Note: At PDC, we said that DeepZoom would be in WPF4. Unfortunately that feature has been cut. We just could not squeeze it into the schedule.  There are workarounds to it: you can host Silverlight inWPF using web browser control or using the Silverlight hosting APIs.

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    Dj Sinae

    Everybody will talk about it and everybody will know that Microsoft is limiting XP users to push them at buying their new Windows 7 OS.

    They did the same with directx10 and vista.

    I'm sure it's pretty easy for them to devellop a patch for XP to support those IMPORTANT FEATURES like double buffering, next directwrite API (text) correcting shitty WPF small fonts bug, directx 10.1 and direct2D etc..

    I'm sure windows 7 is gonna be quite popular no need to cripple users. It will actually give them a bad name and they should instead really work in the direction of being friendly and sincere to all windows users not just new buyers. 

    I hated vista but i wanted directx10 , i still decided to stick to XP because it's like a 300hours work to just reinstall all my programs, addins, vsts ect, reconfiguration etc.. 

    I will buy windows 7 no worries and run it in dual boot but still i need my XP to AT LEAST be FIX for the WPF font bug, visual studio 2010,tearing fix, support for Directwrite and also some hardware acceleration would be great.

    What will i say to every company that use XP, if i want to sell them a WPF application. Sorry you gonna have to change everything upgrade everywhere to windows 7 if you want to be able to see the text clearly in my application that i spent 9 months develloping.

    Clearly, you can put nice words here and there but if WPF application work badly on XP your gonna loose a lot of support from everywhere. Think about it, your on a nice road now with windows 7 no need to spit against the wind.

    Everywhere you promote the new WPF 4 and new WPF interface for visual studio in the 2010 release but if you don't fix all those XP WPF bugs for the final release then your risking a lot believe me. You might be able to control review sites a little but you cannot controls forums review.

    (Like if every company will be able to pay upgrade cost to both visual studio 2010 + Windows 7 for every devellopment computer at the same time)

    Believe me all XP devellopers will fight until they have what they want and the only way they can fight is on forums like this one.

    You don't want all those devellopers to bloat all your forums with post like this one Wink


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