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    Are you guys sure you want to say that MIX is a "100% consumer Web" event? Because, you know, WP7 doesn't quite fit that. Yes, development for it is based on Silverlight, which is (was?) mainly Web technology, but honestly, WP7 is not Web. Even once IE Mobile supports HTML5, WP7 will be mostly about Silverlight and XNA. Just sayin'.

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    20 seconds in Ritzy's hand and it broke, the only thing would been more funny if it had gone off in your hands Wink as well.

    Ahh the familer feeling that follows a disconcerting twing.

    How many is that now? 5 or 6.


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    @Trancecoder: We had many similar internal conversations leading-up to MIX10. If you believe that the web is only something that's delivered through a browser, then I can appreciate the perspective (though WP7 can absolutely handle browser-based content too). If you believe that the web is a basic component of almost any modern application, then this makes sense. Every day, more devices are connecting to the web. If we exclude games, how many of the top 50 applications in any mobile marketplace would cease to work if they were cutoff from the web? From my perspective, the web may have started out as browser-exclusive, but it's grown well beyond that.

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    Also, Web != HTML5.

    Just sayin' Smiley

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