Countdown to MIX11: Open Source Fest-a-Palooza

Play Countdown to MIX11: Open Source Fest-a-Palooza

The Discussion

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    You can see the entire list of open source projects registered for this event on my site (soon to be on the MIX11 site too).


    The entertainment should be awesome too .. we have a few acts lined up that I think are really cool!

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    I'm looking forward to the open source fest! Unfortunately, I won't have anything to show, but I'm hoping to get involved with something.

    Maybe one thing you could do is provide a way for the open source project teams to post where they need help. Kind of an open source job board.  It might be especially beneficial at MIX because there is a higher concentration of us UX/Front-End people and many open source projects tend to be weak on the design and UX side of things.

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