Data Discovery with Azure Data Catalog

Play Data Discovery with Azure Data Catalog


This week's episode of Data Exposed welcomes to the show Matt Roche, Senior Program Manager in the Cortana Intelligence team. Today Matt is in the studio to talk about Azure Data Catalog, a fully-managed data source discovery service in Azure.
Matt begins by providing an overview of Azure Data Catalog and the challenges of data discovery. Matt explains how and where this fits into the Azure solution ecosystem, and the flow for discovering, exploring,and consuming data.
At the 16:20 mark, Matt jumps into demos mode, showing us the fantastic details of Azure Data Catalog, including how to find data and information that is relevant to you and details for filtering and finding specific data. Matt also spends a little bit of time on how to define data through the use of metadata and how to use that metadata to help with data discovery.
Great introduction to Azure Data Catalog, and we definitely look forward to having Matthew back for deeper discussions and more Data Catalog topics.


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