Azure Data Lake: PowerShell, CLI, SDKs, and APIs

Play Azure Data Lake: PowerShell, CLI, SDKs, and APIs


It's a pleasure welcoming Matthew Hicks to the Data Exposed show this week! Matthew is a PM in the Big Data team and is in the studio to talk about the breadth of functionality available in Azure Data Lake Store and Analytics SDKs and APIs for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The goal is to provide developers with the same set of functionality that you find in the portal, including account management, data sources, compute, and much more.

At the 4:25 mark Matthew jumps into a demo, showing how easy it is to install from Nuget, and then use in an application. His demo illustrates how to authenticate, upload a file, show file output, and use the analytics components to get job history.

A short 10 minute video but full of great information!


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