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In this Data Exposed episode Scott welcomes Ron Matchoro, a Senior Program Manager on the SQL Security team, to talk about a new Threat Detection feature on Azure SQL Database, which is about to be released for Preview.
SQL Database Threat Detection provides a new layer of security, which detects suspicious database activities indicating a potential threat to the database.
In this informal but highly fun and insightful episode, Ron and I discuss the new exciting Threat Detection features in Azure SQL Database, which allows customers to detect and respond to potential threats as they occur. Ron also describes the intuitive user interface to configure threat detection , receive security notifications and invetigate the suspicious events using the Azure portal and Excel template.
Microsoft takes security seriously, and this video is proof. You NEED to watch this video if you are at all interested in using Azure SQL Database!


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The Discussion

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    I want to know more detail about Azure SQL Database Threat Detection.
    1. How can I check it ?
    2. How can I view the detection ?
    3. Are there the sample query for check Threat Detection behavior ?

    Yoshihiro Kawabata

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    Check out my new blog and demo, which demonstrates a walkthrough of the setup, detection and investigation experience of a SQL injection attack --->

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