Azure SQL Database Web & Business Migration Recommendations

Play Azure SQL Database Web & Business Migration Recommendations


In this episode of Data Exposed, Scott welcomes Veljko Vasic, Program Manager on the SQL Server team. Today, Veljko shows us an exciting new feature in the Azure preview portal that provides recommendations when migrating from a Web and Business edition Azure SQL Database to the new V12 service tiers of Basic, Standard, and Premium. The challenge with migrating from a Web and Business edition is which pricing tier to select in the new service model, and Veljko shows us that in just a few clicks we can get an appropriate recommendation based on previous database usage. Veljko shows us the plethora of information provided in the portal, such as information that compares current usage with recommended pricing tiers. Veljko wraps up the demo by walking us through the upgrade and recommendation process using both the preview portal as well as PowerShell. Very powerful and useful if you are currently Web and Business editions and are considering moving to the new service tiers and are wondering which one to select to give you the appropriate performance.



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    Hey everyone,

    You can find the PowerShell article here.


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    Andrew Herrick

    I'm still confused how you go from $9.99 (WEB) a month to $30 (S1) (200% increase in pricing) a month in DB charges and that's OK... In practice I've found that even S2 doesn't even perform to the level of WEB.

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