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This episode of Data Exposed welcomes back Liam Cavanagh, a Senior Program Manager in the Azure Data Platform Incubation team at Microsoft. No slides, all demos today in this amazing video as Liam shows us how to use Azure Search to search Geo-spatial data. Liam shows off a publicly available sample application which shows how to add geospatial search to your web applications through the use of Azure Search and Bing Maps.



The Discussion

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     This was a great video and it has a great timing. At my work we are developing an application that shows health offers around the country. The only geo search criteria we have right now are regions and municipalities. The business consultants have mentioned that they would like a service where do could draw a circle on a map and have all the health offers show up. So this video is right on the money.

    I would definitely like to see more on this "Azure Search and Geospatial Data".

    And thanks for link to.

    Great work guys :)


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    Liam Cavanagh

    Hi Abdella,

    I am glad you liked the video!


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    Love the Azure Search Service. I have an application in Azure that would be able to use this geospatial feature and we are going live Q1 2015.

    Will it be safe to use this service in production? Any idea about GA? 

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    Hi pgharpure,

    That is great! We have not announced GA (generally available) other than to say we are targeting the first half of 2015 (calendar year). If you want to using Azure Search for production usage it would be great to sync up with you to make sure you fully understand the differences in how we support public preview compared to GA, differences in SLA's and make sure this works for you and your company. My direct email is liamca [at] microsoft [dot] com if you would like to chat more about this.


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