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Data Exposed | SQL Database Connectivity Explained

Play Data Exposed | SQL Database Connectivity Explained

The Discussion

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    In the video, after discussing the option "Allow access to Azure services" around 7:32 there is a statement that it will only allow "..any service within your own subscription".
    Reading one of the issues on the the GitHub repo of "Use virtual network service endpoints and rules for database servers", one of the replies state that "..enabling this feature would allow any traffic from resources/services hosted in Azure (not just your Azure subscription) to access the database.".
    I'm a bit confused now, what statement is true or am I misinterpreting something?

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    @Ymer: Setting Allow access to Azure services button on the Portal (Firewall settings page) to ON shall allow traffic to/from resources ( e.g. Azure VM) or PaaS services( e.g. Web App) hosted inside Azure - within same subscription or from another subscription as well. Hope this helps.
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    Configure Azure SQL server as "Allow Access to Azure services" = OFF. Now i want to Azure data factory to connect to azure SQL server. Is it possible. Please provide your suggestions and comments.

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    @asgar: Azure Data Factory will need Allow Access to Azure Services to be ON unless using self hosted Integration Runtime ( which will have a well defined IP address range)
    More info here


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