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The things the SQL engineering team can do in a month! We're excited to welcome back to the Data Exposed show Akash Verenkar, a Senior Engineering Manager in the SQL team, and brings with him today Venkata Pochiraju, a Senior Program Manager in the SQL engineering team, to talk about all the hard work their awesome team has done on the Data Migration Assistant! Together they walk through the awesome changes that have been made to the Data Migration Assistant in the past 30 days and to announce that version 2.1 of DMA is publically available.

They also announce that DMA supports not only assessments (which we saw in the last show) but also now performs actual schema and data migrations! Woohoo!

It's demo time at the [05:15] mark, and Akash spends the next 20 minutes showing both a migration of schema and data of multiple databases using the DMA as well as a command line option to perform assessments and write the results to SQL Server!

You can download the latest DMA from here:

Data Migration Team blog:




The Discussion

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    Show how to migrate from Oracle/mysql/aws to sql

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    saikumar goud


    I installed DMA v3.3 version. I am able to migrate a single DB at a time. How can I migrate multiple DBs at a time.

    Your quick reply is much appreciated.

    Waiting for your response.
    Saikumar Goud

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