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    Ryan also did a great DocumentDB presentation on MVA called "Get Started with Azure DocumentDB Jump Start". The live event was on April 7; the recordings should be posted soon.

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    And geospatial indexing still "is on the backlog" I guess? :(

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    Geospatial is on the roadmap, yes. Instead of trying to jam in the hundreds of features customers have been asking for since preview, we wanted to make sure that we focused first and foremost on providing a stable reliable service. We are happy with where we are today and believe we have a stable foundation on which we can rapidly add features and do so in such a way as to not compromise on the fundamental stability of the service.
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    It would be great to clear key difference between DocumentDB and Azure Tables - both looks the same (storage for JSON data) at a glance.

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    @azazeo: at a glance yes, they can both store JSON data. the biggest advantage of DocumentDB over Table storage is the indexing and very rich query capabilities.

    Table storage is an excellent Key/Value store. So if all you need is very cheap storage of data and retrieval of data only by a single key, then Table storage is a great choice.

    However, if you want rich query capabilities over the "Value" portion, the JSON document, then you will run in to some problems.

    DocumentDB is a Document Database.
    It automatically indexes every path of your JSON document allowing you to easily query for data based on any field, or combination of fields, within the data.

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