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    Sunil Gidwani

    SQL Server Migration Assistant is a simple and handy tool for database migrations into SQL Server. It has a friendly user interface but this tool is not useful for the bigger table, I have noticed that the speed of data migration in SSMA is pretty low. This is not a critical issue for migrating of smaller data volumes, but for big data migration projects I am not able to get the performance. Can you suggest is there any way to increase the performance. in 18 hrs. i am just able to migrate only 33 million of records of 37 million i.e. only 764 records / second, I am using simple recovery model.

    I am trying to migrate Oracle database into SQL, here is my server configuration..

    Total Columns in table are 63
    Total number of records in table 37 million

    see the memory consumption that is pathetic , SSMA consumed almost 99% of memory just for 1 table :), I am using server side data migration. Is there some setting I am missing?.

    System Configuration is 128 GB RAM and 2 TB HDD

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