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This weeks episode of Data Exposed welcomes Amit Kulkarni to the show. Amit is a Principal PM in the Big Data group at Microsoft and today he here to talk about HDInsight on Azure Data Lake Store. With no slides and all demo, which we REALLY like, Amit jumps right in and first provides some background into what Azure Data Lake is, and how HDInisght is and how Azure Data Lake Store play a big part of it. Amit explains the benefits and capabilities of running HDInsight on top of Azure Data Lake Store, including the simply and plain reason that it is optimized for analytic scenarios. Essentially, Azure Data Lake Store HDFS in the cloud with no limits on scale, better analytic performance and enterprise grade security capabilities.
At the 4:35 mark Amit jumps right into demos, first showing how easy it is to create and configure HDInsight on top of Azure Data Lake Store, including the all-important step of configuring the Data Source adn the Cluster AAD Identity, which allows the cluster to talk to the Azure Data Lake Store.
At the 11:15 mark Amit jumps out of the portal and shows how to use SSH to connect to Azure Data Lake Store as it were HDFS, and then through the same SSH console Amit executes a Pig script to show how easy it is to execute commands against an HDInsight cluster running on Azure Data Lake Store.
Great demos by Amit and we look forward to having him back!



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