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Back for more discussion on HDInisght, Scott welcomes Matt Winkler back to the show. Matt, a Program Manager on the HDInsight team is here today to make a special announcement; the ability to deploy HDInsight clusters on Ubuntu Linux. While you still have the ability to deploy to Windows, you now have the ability to deploy your HDInsight cluster to Linux as well as Windows. In this video, Matt walks us through the simplicity of creating a HDInsight cluster on Linux, then shows us how easy it is to manage, maintain, and monitor these clusters through the use of Ambari, an Apache project aimed at making Hadoop cluster management simple for developers.


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    Cisco uses RedHat to run their UCS-based "cluster in a box" big data appliances. As a smaller s/w vendor we develop everything on CentOS with HDP. For what it worth, support for CentOS would make our life easier, if our next client decides to go with a managed hadoop in the cloud.

    Ubuntu is definitely looks like an easier port than Windows HDP, but its' still an extra platform to target.

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