In-Memory OTLP in Azure SQL DB

Play In-Memory OTLP in Azure SQL DB


We just can't get enough of Jos; he is that awesome. Plus, he has cool stuff to show us. Jos is back in the studio to talk about In-memory OLTP in Azure SQL Database. And, true to form, this is ALL demo, no slides. I love shows like this.

In today's show, Jos shows how you can use the In-memory technology that is generally available in Azure SQL Database to optimize the performance of your database but also introduce cost savings.

At exactly the [01:00] mark Jos explains how the In-memory technology differs from its on-premises relative in SQL Server 2016.

Then, at the [02:58] mark we get into demos and Jos walks us through an awesome demo of a workload going against two Azure SQL Databases, one of which has memory optimized objects in it and how they two databases differ in CPU and IO and what that means in terms of performance.

At the [08:08] mark Jos jumps in to code to show us the in-memory database objects and also dives into how in-memory is used with a Temporal table! Awesome!

At the [14:15] mark, Jos wraps up the show by spending the remaining 11 minutes discussing scenarios in which the In-memory technology can and should be used and in which Microsoft sees it being used today. So, ok, 1 slide, but a very helpful slide.

Very insightful and helpful show!

·         Getting started with In-Memory technologies in Azure SQL Database:

·         Demo application used in the show:

o   In the show we used a P2 database, and the app was configured with commandDelay=3333 and enableShock=0



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    Hassan Fatemi

    I wish Microsoft could change this structure. The second/interrupting person is really on my nerve. They absolutely add no value. On the other hand they always make irritating comments and if it was only one person explaining the topic it would way better.
    I bet if there is any single person that likes this structure.

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