Introducing Storm on HDInsight

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In this episode of Data Exposed, Scott welcomes Asad Khan, Principle PM on the HDInsight team. Today Asad introduce us to Storm , a new service on HDInsight for real time analytics. This is an interesting and exciting episode as Asad walks us through how Microsoft utilizes an open-source technology to produce a cloud-based data streaming service for HDInsight. Asad walks us through the end-to-end architecture and implementation of Storm on HDInsight and what the service has to offer in terms of the power and flexibility of the service. Because this is an open-source technology, Asad spends some significant time on Microsoft's promise to the customer in terms of service usability and performance. The episode ends with a fun and exciting demo where Asad uses the twitter API to stream in a specific twitter topic to show the power of Storm. Great stuff!



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    I have a small question, does Stream Insights and Storm solve similar problems?if so why different solutions for the same problem. If not when to use one over the other?


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