Introducing the new Import Flat File Wizard in SSMS 17.3

Play Introducing the new Import Flat File Wizard in SSMS 17.3
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The Discussion

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    I added this request to Microsoft Connect in January 2017.

    I'm really happy the SSMS team implemented it in the latest version :)

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    Ctrl-Z does not work in Modify Columns page in the Import Flat File Wizard.

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    What experience should I expect when the format prediction is wrong? 

    1. Does it die with a warning or

    2. Does it silently drop fields or turn them into NULL's. (like EXCEL) 

    Common issue with Excel as a data source. It may sense a "FieldCode" field as a nullable INT. But maybe the 211 Millionth rows, come from some system where someone has used an alpha in the as part of the code. It is almost impossible to discover that those fields were erroneously imported as NULL's. 

    Similar issue when it maps the VARCHAR fields too small & silently truncates the few fields that happen to be much longer.

    Ideally I'd love the job to die on error. AND also give me a line number &/or copy of the row that caused the data case failures. Better yet continue to scan to the end & tell me all rows that will have an issue. Thus I can resolve it once. 
    Alternatively, give me the option to scan the entire file & not just the first N rows. Often, getting the data right is way more important than getting it quickly. Sometimes we don't care & quick is better. OR we know the data is OK

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    how is this possible, a few days ago i was struggling to import a csv file.

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    Thanks for the wizard.  How do we access the PROSE API for flat-file import using T-SQL?  Sounds like a good replacement for my current "comedy-limited" bulk copy code.

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