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This week's episode of Data Exposed welcomes Kevin Cunnane to the show to talk about the Big Data Partner Program. Pranav is a Senior Software Engineering Manager in the SQL Server tools team. 

No slides and all demo (we love that!) as Kevin jumps right in to showcase the multi-OS tools that Kevin and his teams have been working on. Specifically, Kevin is in to show off the MSSQL extension for Visual Studio Code. Notice that Kevin is running VS Code on a Mac! How awesome is that! Today's agenda is simple; Kevin shows off the awesome MSSQL extension and then he discusses how you can contribute to it!

At the [02:33] mark Kevin provides a simple overview of the MSSQL extension for VS Code, including how to get it, how to download it and add it to VS Code, and then jumps in on how to use it for the next 10 minutes! 

At the [10:05] mark Kevin spends a few minutes discussing how to the MSSQL extension. 

At the [12:24] mark Kevin gets into the "deep stuff" and actually shows us how easy it is to contribute and make changes to the extension by first discussing the VS Code architecture, then at the [T17:00 mark] jumps in to the actual MSSQL extension code and actually fixes a formatter bug that had been reported, simply to show us how easy it is to contribute. 

For more on the extension, visit the Visual Studio marketplace here.

To contribute, visit GitHub here and here.



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