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Listen to Microsoft's CTO of Azure, Mark Russinovich, on the history and future of databases in Azure. Mark touches on Azure SQL Databases, Cosmos DB, and even blockchain databases.

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Introduction to Blockchain from Mark Russinovich.


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The Discussion

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    Pleasure to hear SQL Server platform is moving forward.
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    Good directions for the DB storage tiers! Could we get AI for analyzing usage patterns of the storage tiers and then offer possible optimizations and scaling and/or auto optimization and scaling of the storage tiers and service endpoints types and locations (including auto migration to a different type and/or location) to maximize performance bandwidth and reduce response times while also reducing costs for the customers?

    What if the AI could automatically optimize for internet and datacenter traffic jams and service degradations?

    Will there be realtime AI protection of blockchain - like detection of tampering... suspicious transactions and timing?

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