Power BI Embedded with the JavaScript SDK

Play Power BI Embedded with the JavaScript SDK

The Discussion

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    What's it cost?

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    Muhammad Ali

    Good demo

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    Looks fantastic - can we use the on-premise BI free edition and the sdk for free in our website?

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    Thanks, Nice demo. It would be a great help if you could make an enhancement to have localization at runtime. Currently, It is one of the best part missing.

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    It's a good demo, thanks

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    How can I print embedded report in Angular7? Embedded part can be done with Javascript API. But print part is not working...

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    Hi all,

    I'm using the Javascript SDK of power bi in order to embbed reports on my Wrodpress website.

    I went for the "user own data" approach as i want to use RLS .

    My desired flow is:

    - user visit my site

    - user being asked to log-in with his power bi account

    - after use is logged in to power bi he can see the embedded report on my website.

    I am stuck with the stage of signing in the user and getting the access token.

    i was referred to this example:


    but it is being done with C#, I'm a front end developer and don't have .net environment on my server.

    Does anybody have a sample or can tell me how can i do the same sample with JavaScript?,

    How can i sign in the user and get an access token with JS, not C#?

    This is the only thing preventing me from generating a token and use it for embedding

    Thank you all!

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