SQL Server 2016 Upgrade Advisor - code named "DBA Workbench"

Play SQL Server 2016 Upgrade Advisor - code named "DBA Workbench"

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    Interesting tool.

    1. It is handy to know see the issues by version, so you can see how many versions you could upgrade a database before running into issues.

      That said, often the complexity arises when a solution comprises of multiple SQL servers. So the upgrade has dependencies on a Mirrored Cluster with Log-Shipping, replicated to a Reporting / DW. Some distributed queries & Service Broker in the mix as well.  
      The order you upgrade becomes vital if you don't want to rebuild everything

    2. Personally I find the older style Azure Portal much easier to use & find things than the "New Look" Azure portal. 

    3. I'd also like to have the results export direct to a SQL Database Table of my choosing rather than load to Excel & import. 

    4. I'd also hope you follow the lead of the Best Practice Analyzer in Windows Server's Server Manager tool. When it displays an error.  I get a link to a web page. This gives me background on the issues & step by step instructions on how to fix it. Often with either screenshots or Powershell commands. 

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